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213: Inner Beauty Bybel with Amanda Kutner

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Hello all,

many of you know we started a sister podcast called Healthy Life NYC… that has now taken a pause since COVID and I wanted to bring some of the amazing guests and content we had from there to all of you.

Amanda Kutner is a friend, an influencer, a coach, and an amazing woman.

She LOVES helping women be the best version of themselves, helping them grown their businesses, and be happier.

I think you’ll LOVE this episode with her.  Here’s a little about Amanda:

Amanda is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a yoga enthusiast, a wife, cat-mom, an early riser, coffee connoisseur, corporate dropout and a Master Certified NLP Practitioner and Trainer, Master Certified Success & Life coach, Master Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Certified TIME Techniques Practitioner, + EFT Practitioner

After spending the better half of a decade searching for fulfillment in the corporate world, chasing salary increases and “landing my dream job”, I realized I was empty. I had completely lost my sense of purpose, realizing that I was in a constant state of boredom and frustration.

We’ve all heard of the ugly cry, right? Well I remember my own meltdown, drowning in my own negative self-talk, fears and “what-if’s”, but what I remember even more clearly was thinking “If not now, when?”

That moment I decided that I was going to make it my life’s mission to empower women from around the world to pursue their true calling by shifting their identity and smashing their fears, so that they too could create an authentic and fulfilling life, on their terms.

I had always been a believer that we can have and do anything our heart desires. For me, coaching is the ultimate way to give back. It is my absolute obsession to help you connect with your potent power, access your inner superpowers, and unleash the magic that has been there all along.

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