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253: X3 Bar week 8 and R3 training

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As the summer cruises by, I’m always on the search for a better version of myself.  Better for myself, for those around me, and those that watch and listen to me.

So… the X3 Bar training is going really well.  I LOVE IT and running is ramping up and I don’t LOVE IT!  Most people think because I’ve run many ultra marathons that I LOVE running.  I run because it’s a great life teacher and because it’s mentally, physically, and spiritually hard. And doing hard things makes you a stronger and more resilient human being.  It’s also a great place to listen to audiobooks if you’re looking to learn and move at the same time.

The reality of the R3 (Grand Canyon- Rim to Rim to Rim) is starting to hit.  It’s one month away.  I’m organizing gear, hydration, food, and more.  We’re planning a 3:30 AM start time and have looked at past years’ weather/temp and it looks like we could start out in the upper 20’s and at mid-day in the base of the canyon, we could see temps of 90+.

There’s a saying ” We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”  I train hard because I KNOW this is going to be a hard event and my body or my mind or both will want to quit at some point.  I will not let that happen!

As David Goggins says… STAY STRONG.

Sponsored by 30/60/5 Program.  Be stronger than your excuses.  Get more info here->  https://bit.ly/30605health


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