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005: Creating INNER CONFIDENCE with Robbie Kramer

HELLOOOO everyone,

This episode is mostly targeted towards men, and I will say you should probably listen to it anyway if you aren’t a man!  I truyly belive that you can take something from every episode and apply it towards your life.  Take something from this episode with Robbie Kramer.  

His company is called Inner Confidence and is targeted to helping men in the dating world.  You may be wondering why he’s on the Human Powered Life podcast… Well… being human is also about connecting with others and what I see Robbie doing is connecting people.

Here’s a litte bit about Robbie:

Robbie Kramer has been guiding men to accomplish their goals with women, health, fitness, and career since 2009. He founded Inner Confidence to show men exactly how to create the lifestyle of their dreams in a way that actually works. No quick fixes. No magic pills. No bullshit. Just tested, proven and easily implementable advice that works. “Robbie brings dignity and ease to traditionally taboo interactions. No funny names, no pickup routines, no fake stories tricking women into liking you, just 100% real attraction, emotional connection and strengthening your inner confidence. This is the necessary evolution of so-called pickup arts into something more meaningful and organic.”

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