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014: Charlie Engle: The Running Man

Meet the RUNNING MAN, Charlie Engle.  Charlie and I met on a chance of me sending him a message on social media and hoping to get a response.  Not only did I get a response, we go to talk and he was pumped to get on the Human Powered Life Podcast.  He even convinced me to come and hang out and run for 30 hours with him and others who were raising money for addiction treatment.  The event is called the Penguin and is held at Ashley Treatment center in Maryland in July.  You’ll Learn more about this in the episode.  

Here’s a little about Charlie:

Charlie Engleis a global ultra-endurance athlete and founder of the 5.8 Global Adventure Series, one of the most ambitiousexpeditions in modern history, trekking from the lowest to thehighest points on all seven continents. He is also one of the mostaccomplished ultramarathon runners in the world,completinghundreds of racesaround the world.His incredible determination and athletic ability was profiled in the film,Running the Sahara,produced andnarrated by Matt Damon. The documentary highlighted his historic, record-setting journey acrossthe world’slargest desert, runningnearly twomarathons a day for 111 consecutive days, for a total of more than 4,500miles. Charlie’s transcontinental run through deep sand and politically unstable countries remains one of thepremier accomplishments in the ultra-endurance and adventure sports worlds. After crossing the Sahara andseeing the global water crisis firsthand, Charlie teamed up with Matt Damon to raise $6M and create H20Africa, which later became the global humanitarian organization,Water.org.  Charlie’s memoir,Running Man,(Simon&Schuster)became a bestseller shortly after it was published in 2016.  While the book details his inspiring life story, it’s about more than just running. It’sabout facingdemons, overcoming impossible odds, keeping your sense of humor, and discovering the redemptive powerof putting one foot in front of the other, even whenyou feel like you can’t keep going.His motivation to run and tackle extreme adventures stems from his battle with addiction to drugs andalcohol. Charlie has been in recovery since July 23, 1992, and he credits a large part of his recovery to thepurposeful devotion and emotional release he experiences while running. He was also helped by thousandsof recovery meetings and other traditional therapies. Charlie practices yoga and meditation, therapeuticbreathwork, and uses other cutting edge treatments like cryotherapy, infrared therapy and hyperbarictherapy to stay sharp and healthy. He’s also been a plant based athlete for over 20 years.  Charlie is a dynamic speaker who has enthralled audiences around the world, from keynotes at the BostonMarathon and Google to the National Geographic Society, NATO, the United Nations and the deck of a nuclear-class U.S. Naval aircraft carrier. He is alsoa featuredpresenter on Tony RobbinsPower of SuccessTour. He’s been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic Weekend, Outside, Runner’s World, NPR’sAllThings Considered, Men’s Journal, andThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as numerous podcasts and books.  He lives with his wife, Astacianna Hatcher, in Durham, North Carolina.

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