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033: Healing from cancer with Dr. Patrick Vickers


Can cancer be cured? or just treated?

Our guest today dives deep into healing cancer and why the most censored doctor in history was right about healing chronic conditions and cancer. This may be a touchy subject to some, it’s a very important conversation today as it was 100+ years ago.

Dr. Patrick Vickers is the creator and director of the Gerson Clinic in Mexico. It’s there, that they used Advanced Gersen Therapy Techniques to help people heal themselves from cancer and others to maximize their health through the same principles.

We wanted you to start of the year right by sharing something that’s so vital to the health of humanity. When you can fully express health the way god intended you to, you have the potential to heal from almost if not everything. It’s a longer interview and well worth your time. You more than likely won’t hear this from many other places unless you’re looking for it or if you know someone that has or had cancer and looked outside the main stream.

Make sure to head over to the his website below and tap “gift” at the menu. With password: “podcast”, you will have an access to exclusive video materials and more.

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