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251: Week 6 X3 Bar, Research Test Dummy, Running, and Quantum technology

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Week 6 of the X3 Bar and I’m feeling stronger every day.  Though I don’t look like Dr. John Jaquish who’s the creator of the X3 Bar, I’m noticeably stronger.

Alongside the X3 Bar, I’m running multiple days a week and using my Xterra Air Bike as well.  The cool thing is that as I’m getting stronger, it makes uphills and downhills a whole lot easier when on the road and the trail.  I’m working on upping my endurance by upping my strength.

Where I need more discipline is eating.  Because I move my body so much, I mentally think I can eat a lot.  I’m not eating junk food or candy… I eat things like cauliflower pizza, snaking on dates and peanut butter, having homemade bread from time to time (which I don’t usually do), and I may have a few beers or cocktails.  The booze, I’m not too worried about because that’s few and far between.  I’m focusing on more on upping my fat and protein alongside tons of veggies and fruit and minimizing high glycemic foods.

Here’s some cool news… I’ve been asked by Standard Process to be a research test dummy.  All kidding aside when I started the conversation with the company asking if they’d sponsor my rim to rim to rim of the Grand Canyon, I thought they may give me some food/protein bars and maybe some supplements.  What I got was WAY cooler.  I’m headed to their research center in North Carolina to do some very sophisticated human health and performance testing.  The company wants athletes to unleash their human potential in athletic performance and to increase health performance. All too often supplement companies and athletes just want better athletic performance and are not measuring or are not concerned about health performance.

Thanks for tuning in…


-Dr. Josh

Sponsored by 30/60/5 Program.  Be stronger than your excuses.  Get more info here->  https://bit.ly/30605health


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