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021: The Aftermath, a DNF at the 150 miler

The Tesla Hertz 150 Mile DNF


So here we are… I trained hard, did most of what I should have, and I showed up.  

With everything I’ve done, with all the support that was given, with supplements, food, and all, I should have crushed this race… or maybe I shouldn’t have?

Ultra-Marathons are a beast and a sying that was told to me by the race director of the Yeti 100 Ultra Marathon right before I had to carry my race tote a quarter mile to my truck after the race was, “Welcome to Ultra”.  

So when something good or bad happens at one of these events, I think of the saying.  When going into the unknown, you just don’t know! 

So my Tesla Hertz (shoule be Hurtz) 150 was a bust.  I DNF’d my first race officially. You’ll hear the full description in the audio and video of this episode, so I won’t give ALL the details now. 

I felt GREAT after the first 6 laps which were 10.544 miles eacha and wanted to take a little break as I was tired, not in the sense that my muscles were tired, but as in a lack of sleep tired.  I also knew I had the potential to be moving for the next 30+ hours. My feet hurt a little so having them off the ground was a great idea.  After about 30 minutes of mild relaxation, I stood up and put pressure on my left knee and it felt like a hot dagger being pushed into the outside of my left knee… I took another 45 minutes to see if it would get better and it didn’t.  So at mile 62.9, a hard decision was made to call it.  IT SUCKS… I felt defeated, and that I let myself and everyone else down that has supported me thus far. 

I’ve learned that the rest was a blessing in disguise.  Had I pushed through the injury, which was possible, I may have caused more damage that would take me out of the running/ fitness game for some time. 

Words from my friend John Galvany ran through my mind when making the decision I made.  He told me after spraining my lateral collateral ligament (the same knee I injured this time), and broke multiple toes that I have 2 choices… either take the injury or creat a disability that can take you out for a long time of forever.  I’ll take the injury every time.

Please enjoy the episode and let me know what you think, by messaging me on social or leaving a podcast review.  

Appreciate you!


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