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037: Change is Easy, Thinking About Change is Hard


The concept of change is easy and thinking about changes hard comes from a friend and mentor Dr. Eric Plasker. He is the author of the 100 Year Lifestyle and it’s like an uncle to me as well. 

The concept around changes easy and thinking about changes hard is applied to doing healthy things for yourself. I’ve applied it in so many different areas of my life and I’ve actually looked back to see where I made actually applied this. I share some of my journeys with you too hopefully inspire you to make some great changes in your life. I realize that as I am on my Journey, I can help inspire others with theirs through chiropractic, through this podcast, and any other ways that people may interact with me and my content.

Please check out the links below so you can connect with me as a Chiropractor, Podcaster, future functional medicine doctor, and Lifestyle leader. Also please check out the www.100yearlifestyle.com 

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