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008: Anthony Kunkel and running close to the sun

Anthony Kunkel lives in a runners world.  He focuses on what he loves, does it daily, trains, recovers, learns, and repeats.  He’s what I would call an achiever in his art.  He focuses on where he is and how he can get better and be healthy at the same time.  As an ultra runner myslef, I can almost envy his speed, determination, trainin regiment, and his chill lifestyle.

I mean… if chill means running 100 + miles a week!

Here’s a little bit about Anthony from himself: 

Always restless, always stoked, I take a few things seriously and trust my perception/delusion that this is my purpose. It’s not that I think running is all that great necessarily, more that I see clearly it will demand 100% if who I am to experience what it has to offer. So I’ll just walk this path and talk openly about what happens. There are so many toys at our disposal in the modern world and playing with them for all they’re worth is how magic happens. I’m not the most talented but I am the most curious, and apparently it counts for a lot… I’ve traveled all over the world at this point, to race and coach and learn. And I can also outrun damn near anyone on the planet over 5 hours of running or so. Perhaps I can get rid of “damn near” in that sentence over the next year or two…

Make sure to connect with us and him! Links below!

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