037: Change is Easy, Thinking About Change is Hard

https://lifestylelocker.com/change-is-easy The concept of change is easy and thinking about changes hard comes from a friend and mentor Dr. Eric Plasker. He is the author of the 100 Year Lifestyle and it’s like an uncle to me as well.  The concept around changes easy and thinking about changes hard is applied to doing healthy things […]

036: AMWAP- As Many Wins As Possible

iFrame https://lifstylelocker.com/winning1 Our habits define certain things in our life… what habits do you have that are either driving you towards better health and abundance and others that are driving you towards sickness, disease, and death.   Also winning is important… maybe not the way you may be thinking. Simple wins to start your day […]

035: From Navy SEAL to Healer with Christopher Maher

https://lifestylelocker.com/christopher-maher Being a person who study’s natural health and wellbeing as well as someone who reads a ton of books on US Special Forces, this was an interview that that feels like I manifested it’s creation! Christopher is warrior for health and healing and I truly think you you will resonate with this conversation and […]

034: 7 Habits you want to start today. Create results, not excuses

https://lifestylelocker.com/7healthyhabits We’re half way throgh the first month of 2023 and what have you done to make yourself better? This is a short but good and powerful episode that has the possibility to transform your life from today on.  It’s based off of our free document that’s available at the bottom of our webpage for […]

033: Healing from cancer with Dr. Patrick Vickers

https://lifestylelocker.com/patrick-vickers Can cancer be cured? or just treated? Our guest today dives deep into healing cancer and why the most censored doctor in history was right about healing chronic conditions and cancer. This may be a touchy subject to some, it’s a very important conversation today as it was 100+ years ago. Dr. Patrick Vickers […]

032: Finishing up the Year and Getting READY for the next one

https://LifestyleLocker.com/Final-episode-2022 This year has been a journey like the rest. It’s had its ups and downs. As far as the podcast, it’s been an up hill directon.  32 episodes, amazing guests, amazing stories, technologies, supplements, and products.  Our reach isn’t as far a Lifestyle Locker Radio was, but we are charging forward.  We can all […]

031: Take the Driver’s Seat in Every Area of Life with Dr. Lou Corleto

https://www.lifestylelocekr.com/lou-corleto I met Dr. Lou Corleto probably about 20 or more years ago at a Chiropractic conference in New Jersey.  He always stood out and always seemed like he was deeply connected and in tune with LIFE… Lou was also a fun guy to be around during the conferences as he was always givig back […]

031: Drinking LITEWATER with Victor Sagalovsky

https://www.LifestyleLocker.com/Litewater Our soft spoken guest today is Victor Sagalovsky who is the Co-founder of Litewater Scietific. In this episode you’ll learn that not all water is created equal. That means, the type of water that you drink daily can have a profound impact on your health and longevity.  In the recent past, I’ve heard about deuterium […]

029: Starving to Heal in Siberia with Michelle Slater, PhD

https://LifestyleLocker.com/Michelle_Slater When I got the book Starving to Heal in Siberia, I didn’t know what to think about it.  I had it in my cue to read, but our interview happened first. What Michelle has gone through before her healing is quite amazing. Her story is epic and if you’re listening to this episode I […]

028: Ian Mitchell and his Wizard Sciences

https://lifestylelocker.com/ian-mitchell I’m glad you’re reading and hopefully listening to this amaizng episode with Ian Mitchell.  He has a company called Wizard Sciences and I truly believe he’s a wizard in the world of science.  As you go through this episode, we talk about PUSHING human performance, recovery, injury, health, longevity and even a motorcycle accident.  […]