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263: VAERS… Do you even care? Are you concerned?


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I’ve been a concerned citizen since the beginning of COVID-19.  As someone that’s in the natural health space and understands the ramifications of making personal healthcare decisions versus having someone do it for you without consent is very real.  Informed consent is a very important and real thing.

When this started and we were all in the unknown, I had my doubts on how long this would last.  When the mainstream media started to sound like parrots of each other, I knew something was up.  When Dr. Fauci changed his mind half a dozen times about masks I knew this was crazy. In 2020, I spoke to a friend who is a natural health influencer, she asked me my opinion of what this was all about. I said this is about mass vaccination of the world, not just the kids. I was and still am concerned.

I’ve shared about the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) before on podcasts and multiple times on social media, so this is to keep you informed.  My concern is that the current COVID-19 vaccine, which they say is actually gene therapy is more lethal to people taking it than all vaccines in recorded history and it’s not even been out that long.  The safety studies were cut short, there have been no long-term safety studies at all, and it’s not targeted towards a specific demographic.  It’s given to adults, seniors, children, and pregnant women.

Watch the video on our rumble.  I’m floored that more people are not up in arms when they see the REAL DATA on VAERS.  Why is it not all over all of the media? BECAUSE THEY ARE FUNDED BY BIG PHARMA.

I’m just fed up with the government overreach.  Whatever happened to MY BODY MY, CHOICE? Why are they firing healthcare workers by the tens of thousands that all worked through the pandemic unvaccinated?  Why are they firing police, fire, military, airline workers, and more if they are essential? What will happen a huge part of this country can’t take care of themselves and their family? They went from HERO to VILLAN by the snap of the fingers of Biden.

Thank you for reading.


-Dr. Josh Handt

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