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244: Alaya natural health solutions with Shauna Reiter

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Our guest in this episode is Shauna Reiter.  She founded the company AlayaNaturals.com because of her health and life journey. In our episode, we go deep into her story and the power of living a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a little bit about our guest:

Born with an autoimmune condition that suppresses my white blood cells, I spent years battling oppressive ailments. When my beautiful children arrived, they brought tremendous joy into my life, but my immune system had its own agenda. Sleepless nights and depleted energy threatened to disrupt my time with them and derail my larger goals. I knew that my body needed healing.  So began my journey into the world of superfoods and the creation of Alaya Naturals. It has been a long road as I researched, tested, and perfected our products, but today I am stronger and healthier in all areas of my life. I have returned to the studio as a singer and songwriter and continue to run my company with innovation and inspiration, grateful for everyone who supports my vision.

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