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186: Dr. Dan Sullivan: IMMUNOPALOOZA, The Brain, Breast Milk, and Innate Immunity

This Immunopalooza conversation was awesome. Dr. Dan Sullivan and I spoke about everything from the nervous system to the immune response to mothers’ breast milk.  This is an amazing episode for anyone that wants to hear how amazing The human body is. It is very resilient and good times and in bad.

Here’s t a little about our guest today:

Dr. Dan Sullivan has a passion for bringing certainty to the Chiropractic profession by educating on the simple science that proves the importance of Chiropractic Philosophy and the power of an adjustment! Dr. Dan travels worldwide to speak to students, doctors, and the public about the power of Chiropractic, the overwhelming evidence that supports it, and the necessity it should play in today’s healthcare. After graduating from Northwestern Chiropractic College in 2004, he built one of the largest practices in the profession seeing over 1000 visits/week. He served in the world championships in 2010, 2011, and the Olympic Games in 2012 as an official Chiropractor for the U.S.A. wrestling team. He is a graduate of The Academy of Chiropractic Philosophy Diplomate Program and launched The Chiropractic Advocate mentorship, training, and resource programs in 2015. Dr. Dan’s strategies and resources help hundreds of Chiropractors each month increase their certainty, vision, and results. His mission is to help change the public’s perception of Chiropractic worldwide.

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