I’m Dr. Josh Handt, the creator behind the Lifestyle Locker, Lifestyle Locker Radio, and Human Powered gear.

As a person who has been brought up in a world where we’re taught to turn to medicine or a procedure for every feeling, injury, pain, or life event in your life.  To be dependent o

n drugs/medicine from the day you are born to the day you die.  To be told that you’re supposed to fit into someone else’s version of financial success, or to have a certain type of relationship with a loved one because that’s just the way it works.

My personal world was very different.  Non vaccinated (scary from some), chiropractic care from birth, and as I grew up and learned more about health, I realized that each of us is responsible for our own life.  Taught to think for myself, work hard, and to start creating abundance early in life on my terms.

I understand that no pill or drug will get or keep us healthy, there’s no magic bullet for anything in our lives.  If you want more money, learn, then take action.  If you want a better relationship with someone, learn about people and yourself.  This is true for any and all aspects of our lives. Investing in yourself is always an awesome investment.

Lifestyle Locker was created for YOU.  If you’re a person that has an interest, a passion, a desire to improve a portion of your life and you’ve looked everywhere… look no further.  We’re driven to provide you with the best resources for a TRULY AWESOME lifestyle.  We’re constantly looking for and interviewing experts, creating lifestyle products, and being transparent with our message to you.  Giving you the truth.

From my world to yours… welcome to Lifestyle Locker where we want you to be Human Powered and to Unleash Your Human Potential.

Your Human Powered Life Changer,

Dr. Josh Handt